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Who We Are

Access to high quality early learning is about realizing the American Dream—ingrained in our values of equity, opportunity and fairness. It’s easy to kiss the babies – but NAEYC’s America for Early Ed campaign is about making sure we commit to them too. All young children deserve a chance to start school ready to reach their full potential, and with the voices of America’s parents, educators, and allied community members leading the way, we will collectively work to ensure that candidates and policymakers from both sides of the aisle embrace early learning as a "must," with a commitment to expanding opportunity, supporting excellence, and valuing early childhood educators.

Policy Priorities

Let's work together to ensure that our nation’s policies catch up with the science about the importance of brain development, and the benefits of investing in high-quality early learning built with supported, skilled, and knowledgeable educators. Check out NAEYC's federal government and state government agendas to see how we think our country can deliver on the promise of high-quality early childhood education for our children, families, and economy.

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